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Create/Build Full Income Website Like NNUFORUM (Full Tutorial) - flexible - 11-09-2019

NNU Have Fold up, Although NNU V2 have been launched but it can never reign like NNU V1.
Now Here is the opportunity for you to Launched your own Income Site and Earn Money From Google AdSense And Big Advertising company

<strong><u>Now Let's Get Started On How To Build Full Income Site Like <font color="NNUForum"></font></u></strong>
To set income site like NNUforum V2, You will need an host and domain first, Once That One Is Set, Then We Are Good To Go.
<i>NB:- The Price Is 40k (It's Negotiable)</i>

NNUforum is built on WordPress, So you will set yours on WordPress also

You will need to install the Theme, And setup the Necessary Plugins, Hook, Codes and Inline Script.

<a href="https://wapforum.com.ng/Thread-2019-nnuforum-com-latest-wordpress-theme-premium-version">View The Theme And It's Demo Here</a>

<strong>Here are the features the income site will have (Just Exactly Like NNUForum):-</strong>

1. Registration Page
2. Login page
3. Online payment system & coupon system
4. Referral system
5. Member Account Dashboard
6. Front end customization
7. Paystack or PayPal Integration
8. S.E.O Customisation
9. Member Withdrawal Form
10. Bbpress Integration
11. And Your Own Suggestions, In case you have Any.

Now that have brief how it will look like
I am the one that will set it up for you from A - Z

Price: N40,000 (Negotiable)
Duration: Maximum 4 Days
Demo 1: https://copay.ng
Demo 2: http://viralpaid.com

Call or WhatsApp Me: +2349021020979

<i>About me:- Am A Web Developer, An Internet Scientist, And WordPress Developer.
I build all types of website like
<li>Income Website e.g NNUforum, Easypay etc</li>

<li>Blog e.g Music Blog, News etc</li>
<li>Profile Portfolio</li>
<li>SME website (Online Bills Payment)</li>
<li>Mobile Banking Website</li>
<li>Quiz Website</li>
<li>Charity Website</li>
<li>Online Payment Gateway Integration</li>
<li>And All Sort Of Websites</li>

Contact Me Today For Anyone: +2349021020979

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