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Wapforum Revival Programe - MrCally - 25-07-2019

Dear members of wapforum, i want to send you all a warn greetings as i welcome all of you both old and new members and guest to this programe we've just launched; The Wapforum Revival Campaign.

Everybody is aware that of the gradual decline in wapforum. So that's the challenge we are up to tackle now with this revival programe.

We understand that this campaign is not going to be an easy task but we are up for it, up for the task too. We have therefore stategiesed this campaign to help us beat the odds against us.

To start this revival campaign we need willing volunteers who will serve as Rivival Agents(RA).

This are temporary or permernent volunteers who will support this revival campaign.

A revival agent will do the following:
1. Serve as a think tanker or providing advice and ideas for this campaign and other forum matters.
2. Create awareness about this campaign in their blog(s) website, etc.
3. Some RA's will run some of the programes that will soon be introduced in the forum.
4. Some RA's will serve as forum moderators.

First anybody who is willing to join this RA team can apply but not all may be accepted. Only those who meet our criteria of acceptance.

To apply for the RA simply drop a reply in this thread.

Thanks for your love and support, we need you more, bear this in mind as you contemplate joining this campaign.

That's it for now, Thanks.
@flexible and @MrCally
Wapforum Team.

RE: Wapforum Revival Programe - flexible - 26-07-2019

Welcome Back My Moderator
Am Happy To Have You Back

RE: Wapforum Revival Programe - hostmeek - 26-07-2019

Nice campaign

RE: Wapforum Revival Programe - WilliansT - 26-07-2019

Well is a good campaign i want to join.

RE: Wapforum Revival Programe - phanteez - 04-08-2019

@MrCally and @flexible, I need more Shisha_goza

RE: Wapforum Revival Programe - MrCally - 12-08-2019

More of what @phanteez