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Challengies Facing In "blogging And The Solutions" - Abollyhost - 21-05-2019

<img class="alignnone wp-image-2509" src="https://abollyhost.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/blogging-and-solutions-300x149.jpg" alt="blogging and solutions" width="517" height="257" />

<em><strong>Most Efficence Challengies facing in blogging and the solutions</strong></em>

Good day guys,

I'm Abimbola by name, today we are going to talk about the "<strong>challengies facing in blogging and it's solutions".</strong>


<strong>What is blog? </strong>

A "<strong>blog"</strong> is a discussion or informational website published on the <strong>"World Wide Web"</strong> consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

Today many <strong>bloggers </strong>face many challeges in differents ways, most expecially when it comes to <strong>How to make money online?</strong>. The fact is <strong>making money online </strong>require some techniques, which isn't expose globally expecially when you just joined the <strong>blogging industry</strong>.

Many bloggers mostly ask questions such as; "<strong>When exactly can i start monetizing my blog?</strong>" OR "<strong>Can i put ads in my newly open website?</strong>" etc.

Really such questions should not be something to ask, even in your first 12months. Blogging isn't something that we can call business or <strong>quick-investment. </strong>Going to blogging industry means you have passion for it, not all about making quick money. Really if you can calm and work hard, <strong>we can call blogging a life investment. </strong>

Going to blogging is an easy task and something you can join even within a miniute decision. Now that you wish to join, kindly think of a name that can identify your identity online, this also known as <a href="/domain">Domain Name.</a>

We understand that the other <strong>major problem facing in blogging industry </strong>is choosing the <a href="https://abollyhost.com"><strong>right web hosting provider</strong></a> , We got you covered on this by provider the <a href="/"><strong>reliable and affordable web hosting.</strong></a>

You can get a <a href="https://abollyhost.com"><strong>Reliable Shared Hosting</strong></a> as low as ₦99.99 per month, this is really recomended and will also save your money alot. Your can also get your <strong>differents domain name extensions </strong> such as <strong>.XYZ</strong> ₦599 per year,<strong> .COM.NG</strong> ₦999.99 per year,<strong> .COM</strong> ₦2999.99 per year, <strong> .NET </strong>₦2999.99 per year etc.

After getting your <strong>Domain Name and Web Hosting</strong> ready, what next is install your software that you prefer to use, I will advise you to use WordPress as it's the <strong>most used Content Management Software(CMS). </strong>There are many <strong>ways to install WordPress from your cPanel</strong>, but the<strong> easiest way is to use softaculous</strong> as this take lesssthan 5 miniutes and it's straightforwad. After installing the wordpress, you will be provided with a <strong>direct WordPress admin</strong> <strong>link</strong>, it should be something like " http://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin/" Don't also forget the details you used when installing WordPress. Now you can design your website to your own taste and start blogging.


RE: Challengies Facing In "blogging And The Solutions" - Kasimlee - 22-05-2019

Oh Yeah!!