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You Are Not A Blogger If You Don't Know This
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Hello friends, whenever i'm writing about blog i don't always know where to start from because there are many things to write about. But lets look into what disqualifies you from being a blogger.

Hundreads of blogs are started each day adding to the already countless numerous numbers of existing blogs. A new blogger might find it pretty difficult to compete with the blogs of thesame niche.

Like few other business blogging earn thousands of Nigerians and millions from the whole world a living, while a handfull of bloggers have amassed great wealth and fame from blogging. But sadly though 5 times more than the successful bloggers are still struggling from month to month, year to year without making just a dime. Many struggled for many years while others quit blogging after their desire of making money as soon as possible couldn't be realised.

You may begin to wonder; if there is any secreet behind being a successful blogger?

There is actually a secret, the secret you ought to know before starting a blog.

The secret is "Knowing who is a blogger".

Who Is A Blogger?
I will define a blogger as A person who own a platform(blog) for publishing new information that satisfy the need and desire of his clients/readers.

Many people failed as a blogger because they also fail to understand the key factor of blogging. They thought they would just start a blog and fill it with any new information that go viral in the net(copy and paste). But thats actually not the job of a blogger.

A blogger must be an independent writter who write or publish original contents that hasn't existed anywhere else.

But it's sad to say that almost all the young Nigerians bloggers have fallen into the pit of copy and paste, worse yet some don't even understand their niche. I saw a blog that said "Tech update" in the logo, i was amused at the contents, please readers what does Davido song lyries have to do in a tech blog? Lol. Thats why many have faild.

My advice to those new blog owners out there is: "Learn what it means to be a blogger before starting a blog", you are not a blogger if you can't write a paragraph. I don't call myself a blogger because 1. I don't have a blog, and 2. I'm not a good writter. By God's grace next year i'll start blogging on Society Negligence as a niche.

Another thing is, if you can't write employ someone or people who can right for you to avoid the regular copy and paste stuffs, and try to publish accurate and reliable contents not misleading contents.
If you try this you will see the reward of being a blogger regardless of your coding knowledge.

Nicely written....big ups

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yes even me I was once a victim before. but after sometimes then I realize that it's wrong to copy and paste then I started writing content myself. when I start writing I saw great changes on my web seo improve, readers increase,my blog becomes mature, and I also get Adsense approve. so many things but write now I'm not a blogger

You also copy and paste this.. Cox you never take your time to read it well to see your mistakes.



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