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to problem their married solution unleashed rape victimes?

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Married Rape Victimes? Solution To Their Problem Unleashed!!
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According to Oxford Advanced Leaners Dictionary (International Student’s Edition), rape is forcing somebody to have sex with you when they do not want to by threatening them or using violence.
Rape is a serious crime of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse against a person without his or her consent.
It is a sexual intercourse initiated by a perpetrator against a victim without his or her consent.
Rape is commonly committed by men against women. Women also rape men but the incidents are rare but it does happen especially against young males by female authority figures.
Most rape victims hardly report the incident because of the social stigma attached to incidents of rape and also for the fact that most offenders are persons known to the victims.
Rape victims go through a lot of terrible psychological ordeals. They are often traumatised because of the incident.
They suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and may never live a healthy sex life even if properly handled by health care professionals.
Memories of the event never rarely vacate their imagination.
If the victims are not married before the unfortunate incident, the tendency is to see every male as a rapist and this frame of mind will hinder them from getting married and even if they do, they may not enjoy their conjugal rights because each sexual encounter with their husbands will bring back fresh memories of the past.
Marriages have been known to break down because of the incidents of rape especially in a situation where the husband is of the belief that his wife is the cause of the problem either because of the way she dresses, relates to men or deemed to have behaved improperly.
There are psychological initiatives that are recommended to rape victims in order to mitigate their trauma.
However, It is important to note that no matter the healing processes advocated by professionals, some triggers may continually affect the rape victims even during marriage.
The solution is to boost the desire for this victims.


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