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wow 7 Interesting Facts About Google People Don’t Know
Today it is practically difficult to talk about the internet without considering Google. Is that true?
Do you think you know everything about the search giant?

Today we will give you a review of some of the most curious facts of the company, which you certainly did not know and will leave you with open mouth.
1)The original name of the search giant Google was “BackRub”

2) In the year 199, the founders of Google have tried to sell it for the price of a million dollars, but it never happened.

3)On August 16, 2013, Google collapsed for 5 minutes, and during that time the Internet traffic was reduced by 40%.

4) Do you know, every minute 2 million searches are done on thes earch giant Google?

5) Whenever an employee of the search giant Google dies, the spouse of the employee receives half of the income for 10 years. Not only that, their children also get $1000 a month until they turn 19 years old.

6)Steve Jobs once contacted Google to tell them that the yellow toneon the second “O” of his logo was not very good.

7)The “I’m Feeling Luch” button that appears just behind the Google searchbox costs $ 110 million a year because it ignores all ads.
These are the 7 Interesting Facts about Google most people don’t know. Hope you like the post, share it as much as possible and drop any comment below.


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let ur freak flag fly
Thanks guys.

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