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Words On Candy Hearts - Augusta Reilly
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[Image: _264a8bc5f0463a2839c6de2fa4c2ba29.jpeg]
epub | 231.26 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B2Q8B42H | Author: Augusta Reilly | Year: 2022


Quote:" I think this might have been the funniest book I've ever read. I'm talking tummy cramps and tears down my face funny!" - Haley, Goodreads Reviewer

"There are two kinds of men," Mom said. "Rich bastards and poor bastards. Neither will give a crap about your brains or personality, so go for the one with the money."
Beautiful PhD student Clara Zapata has never subscribed to the theory that the only thing men care about is looks, but after getting dumped by her fiancé for gaining weight, she's starting to think her gold-digging mother is on to something. If men are going to treat her like a trophy, why shouldn't she treat them like a credit card?
"There are two kinds of women," Dad said. "Pretty bitches and ugly bitches. They'll both be more interested in the divorce settlement than the marriage, so go for the hottie."
All heir-in-waiting Ian Dunning has ever wanted was the love of a good woman. But after being seduced and abandoned by yet another gold digger, he's beginning to lose hope of ever finding real love. If all women will ever want him for is his money, why shouldn't he just chase after the ones with the biggest boobs and the fewest brain cells?
What happens when this cynical son of a billionaire gets stuck on a disastrous road trip with the jaded daughter of a gold digger? Will Ian and Clara follow in their parents' footsteps, or will they find true love?

★★★★★ "If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would! It had me laughing so hard . . . I couldn't stop crying!" - Feleenah, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "This book was delightful! Absolutely hilarious at points. I was literally laughing out loud." - Ashley M, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "Words on Candy Hearts by Augusta Reilly is a breakout romantic comedy I didn't see coming . . . I laughed more reading this book then I have with a lot of other books in a long time." - Lindsay Elmore, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "It's been a long time since a book has surprised me by making me spontaneously laugh out loud, but Words on Candy Hearts by Augusta Reilly did just that. And not just one time either." - Kelly Young, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "Words on Candy Hearts is the book you have been looking for!" - Books and Pens on Green Gables

★★★★★ "I loved the writing too as it had me imagining all those fun and crazy moments taking place in front of me and at times I just couldn't control my laughter." - Azraa, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "What a fun, refreshing book. Quirky and funny, I read this book in one day. I couldn't put it down." - Valerie K, Netgalley Reviewer

★★★★★ ". . . this was the first book by Augusta Reilly that I ever read, and omg it was HILARIOUS." - SA, Netgalley Reviewer

Category:Pop Culture, Comedy, Billionaire Romance



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