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Without A Hitch - Avery Maxwell
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[Image: _c677eef8a615851aedf917c25fa12ad1.jpeg]
epub | 593.9 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B647MN5G | Author: Avery Maxwell | Year: 2022


Quote: "A wedding is the beginning of the end." -Lochlan Blaine
Look, I've seen firsthand what marriage does to a man. I'm not interested. You want to take the leap? Fine. But have the decency to elope. Leave me out of it.

And then I see her. The happily-ever-after-loving bridesmaid at the wedding I couldn't get out of.

This flower-wielding bombshell is all wrong for me. But one night together is enough to convince me that she could be the answer to my problem. All I need is three weeks with her.
"Weddings are magic." -Tilly Camden
I love love. And weddings. That's how I land the best job in the world: professional bridesmaid. Brides hire me to make sure their big day goes off without a hitch.usually while dressed in taffeta.

I can't wait until I find the one. The cranky, three-piece-suit-wearing Adonis who smirks at the idea of happily ever after is definitely not him. Lochlan Blaine has "heartbreaker" written all over him.

I should know better. But when a panty-melting one-night stand turns into an offer I can't refuse, what's a bridesmaid to do? It's only three weeks. It's just business.

I can't possibly get my heart broken. Can I?

Category:Literary Satire Fiction, Comedy, Men, Women & Relationships Humor



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