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a comedy wild you anthony jere romantic for

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Wild For You A Romantic Comedy - Jere Anthony
(99 )
[Image: _2c1959cca74250303edfc056a1b7bc8c.jpeg]
epub | 382.28 KB | English | Isbn:9781736819524 | Author: Jeré Anthony | Year: 2022


Quote:She's an uptight, workaholic PR Specialist. He's her go-with-the-flow YouTuber client. When a plane crash lands them on a deserted island, they'll have to embrace their differences if they hope to survive.
I was so close to landing that promotion I could almost taste it. I'm not sure what success actually tastes like, but I can tell you it certainly does NOT taste like coconuts and raw oysters!
How was I supposed to know the whole no-cell-phones-on-planes thing was a real safety concern? They should really warn you about that before takeoff.
Now I'm stuck here-wherever here is-on a deserted island in paradise with the only man in the world who could find this horrible incident convenient-my client, the viral YouTube survivalist, Wombat Willy.
Between his insistent filming and the actual predators trying to kill us. I'm ready to throw in the towel and let the buzzards take me!
I'm more of an indoorsy girl if you catch my drift.
Too bad my survival buddy doesn't share the same sentiment. He's too busy living his dream playing Castaway.
Our only hope of making it home in one piece will be working together. but that's easier said than done.

Category:Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance



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