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Why You're Stuck - The Ultimate Guide Of Date Ideas To Build Confidence
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[Image: 50d41f6d892f995aae5d48b154ec6335.png]
epub | 1.08 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8RHVNMB | Author: Cubitt, Kimberly Rae, Publishing LLC, Cloud Dancing | Year: 2022


Quote:What sets this self-help journal apart from other dating books?

There are many self-help books for women. However, in this one, the reader will carefully consider what they are looking for and come away with a plan on what they want in a partner. The author draws analogies for the reader between shoes and finding the right partner for you. She offers personal dating experiences, humor, and ideas on how to find your perfect partner. When you know what you want, you can remove the fear and create a plan for getting it. With your purchase of this book, you will be given a detailed Woman/Man Plan for you to complete. You will learn what habits to develop to be successful.

What you will learn about:

Men are inherently more visual and women are looking at the qualities within. It is important to remember that outward appearances are not always the most reliable gauge when choosing a life partner. It is dangerous to be swept away by looks alone so caution is advised. Women tend to connect with people on a more spiritual and emotional level and that is what they find alluring. What should you be looking at?

Know Yourself, What You Want, and What You Need

How do you see yourself? How do you carry yourself? Your mindset impacts how others will see you. If you truly want to have a fulfilled life, take the time to establish a strong foundation for yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself and your confidence will show through.

The value of learning what you want and don't want after each date. The power of reflection questions . What you can learn from the past. You will come away with date ideas to incorporate moving ahead.

The importance of pampering yourself. Learn to love yourself before you can love someone else.

You can't save everyone so save yourself. There is no such thing as a White Knight.

The value of embracing change. What are your Values and Priorities? Know your strengths and challenges . Know yourself to know what is best for you.

Explore what your interests are. Feeding your soul. Where will you spend your time and energy? What fulfills you? How to be creative when reinventing yourself. Are you secure and honest with yourself? All these lessons will lead to greater personal growth.

Setting Boundaries

Say 'no' and think about yourself more often.

Why do you want a relationship?

Are you looking to enter into a relationship to give something or get something? Communicate what you want. Finding someone of quality. The choices we make. First impressions. Growing in a Relationship.
The balance of giving and taking. Dreamworld vs. reality. Are you in love with the idea of being in love? Romance and mystery in your relationship. The value of truth in your relationships. Buyer beware.

What are you willing to do for a relationship?

Are you willing to risk failure? Will you just play it safe or take risks? Facing your fears. Abusive relationships.

Do you dance or sit on the sidelines? Are you old-fashioned or looking for practicality? Do you admire versatility? Do you want someone dependable? Are you grounded? .flexible? .attracting danger? .adventurous? Benefits and difficulties of being with a competitive person. Sexy or comfort - What's your preference? Are you open to other cultures?

Learn about the 3 A's - Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Accept. How will you apply them in your relationships?

Are you ready to use this dating book to create your plan and start finding the perfect partner for you? There are various dating books for women, however, this one helps you come away with a clear idea of what you want. If so, click on the link above and order your book now.

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