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Why I Stopped Using Mobilepress Plugins On My Wordpress Blog
[Image: MobilePress.png]
I stopped using Mobilepress about a couple of months ago after sticking with the plugin for over 4 years. If you’ve been a regular visitor on my website, you would notice before I completely switched to this responsive design, I had a fully customized Mobilepress theme with loads of features you wouldn’t find in the plugin or any other website using the plugin. In truth, the plugin was completely awesome for me to work with. I loved it and lot of work was put into it but then, I had to let it go. But why?

The Problems with Mobilepress
Well, my plugin was customized for SEO, and the people also using it can testify to that. But there was other issues that affected me using this plugin. I’ll further break this down for you to understand what I mean.

1. The issue of duplicate posts
Mobilepress duplicates your posts and you may end up finding unwanted URL parameters in Google Webmaster tools. Parameters like ?mobile, ?nomobile and ?comment=true will be added to your posts and once Google picks these up, you’ll be having loads of duplicate URLs indexed. Getting penalized for this may be a nightmare and render your on-page SEO efforts useless. I’ve been there and trust me it’s bad like very bad to deal with.

2. Absence of the canonical tag
A canonical tag (aka “rel canonical“) is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URLs . This tag is important, it is very important and by default, WordPress automatically adds it to your head section. In case a post is accessible through different URLs or there’s a www version and a non-www version of your website, this tag tells bots which URL is preferred. Unfortunately, this tag is absent in Mobilepress and can’t be inputed thus causing problems.

3. SEO Meta tags are all missing
Title Tag – This is the text you’ll see at the top of your browser. Search engines view this text as the “title” of your page. Meta Description Attribute – A brief description of the page. Meta Robots Attribute – An indication to search engine crawlers (robots or “bots”) as to what they should do with the page. Using Yoast SEO plugin or All-in-One SEO? Chances are that those meta tags are all absent on your mobile site. One may argue that they’re not needed since they’re available on the full site but maybe we need to be reminded that Google now takes mobile optimization seriously.

Still Wanna Stay With MobilePress? Your Call!
Let’s say my work here is done. Am done with MobilePress, but my site still looks cool on mobile and saying mobile, I mean all browsers. Check it out. If you’re still gonna use this plugin, make sure the three problems listed up there are fixed or find an alternative. Speaking of an alternative, get a premium responsive theme and enjoy the power of wordpress. Most mobilepress theme kills traffic.

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Pele, people are still using it... your call tho
i cant stop laughing Big Grin Big Grin
Dont forget that you said Mobilepress among the Wp Plugins You Cant Stop Using
Ahhhha Where Is Erosion Make He Come Here This Matter Big Grin
There's Love In Sharing Big Grin

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