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What Not To Do When Blogging
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Blogging is fast becoming a serious business for most people around the world. Ordinarily, most bloggers started their blogging career as a mere hobby, but today they have become icon in their various niches of interest. With many successful bloggers out there, almost everybody in the society suddenly want to start a blog. This has made blogging very challenging and newbies find it difficult to break even. However, this article will focus on what not to do when blogging.

For you to succeed as a blogger, there are certain things you must avoid. This is what we will be discussing in this article.

If you are running a commercial blog, you will definitely have to deal with Google one way or the other. So, when you know what not to do when blogging, you will be on Google favorite list. Otherwise, your website may seize to exist.

Many successful bloggers have ruined their blogging career by doing things that Google hate with passion. Therefore, as a blogger before you carryout any action, confirm if it is in conformity with Google’s terms and conditions.

What Not To Do When Blogging
If you want your website to be on Google’s good book, you must avoid the following by all means.

#1 Link Farms and Buying of Links

One of the things that will make Google dislike your website with passion is link farm. Link farm refers to a set of web pages that are created with the aim of linking to a target page or website.

Link farm is tailored towards improving the search engine ranking of a website. However, once Google or other search engine notice that a link farm is created for your website, such website may be penalized.

#2 Too Many Broken Links On Your Website

Another thing you must work on is too many broken links on your website. Your website ranking on Search engine result page will drop drastically if there are too many broken links.

Broken links are links on your websites that don’t work due to either improper URL or the destination website removed the linked web page. So, try to constantly monitor your website and fix any broken link related error.

#3 Too Many Low Quality or Similar Articles

Still thinking of what not to do when blogging? Never write too many low quality or similar articles on your blog.

It is better you spend the whole day writing a good article than writing 5 low quality articles. Also, don’t write too similar topics. I find it very annoying when I see very related topics on the same blog.

For instance; How to read for long hours, how to read all night, how to read till dawn etc. ll They are similar topics and Google dislike it with passion.

#4 Overusing keywords
Just like we have many fake pastors who don’t have business with ministering God’s words in the Church. We also have bloggers who don’t have business with blogging.

They overuse keywords and make the entire article look boring to read. If your articles are not interesting and keywords not well positioned, your ranking on Google may be very poor.

#5 Linking to Many Low Quality and Pornographic sites
Don’t allow the desperation of getting more traffic push you to link your website to Pornographic site. You may be severely penalized for it, especially if you are Adsense publisher.

#6 Submitting your blog to the wrong link directory is also among what not to do when blogging.

These are what not to do when blogging. Although they may look simple but they can ruin a website you spent time and effort building.


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