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at bells the stables wedding summers etti on

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Wedding Bells At The Stables On - Etti Summers
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[Image: _16bbff187d32d1a03730a616710d3557.jpeg]
epub | 187.31 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09XJ9LZ12 | Author: Etti Summers | Year: 2022


Quote:An uplifting, feel-good story of second chances.

Julie and Stephen Richards have been married for nearly forty years. It's just a pity they've spent this last one living apart since Julie's past has come back to haunt her. Stephen can't bring himself to forgive what she did, and now the only thing left of their marriage is their shared love for their son, Isaac.

But the situation may be about to change. When Petra from the stables on Muddypuddle Lane needs someone to give her holiday cottage a trial run before it begins receiving paying guests, Isaac hatches a plan.

Tricked into spending a weekend together, Julie and Stephen have to decide whether the fire that once burned so hot between them can be rekindled, or whether their marriage has finally turned to ashes.

As for Petra. with a new baby to care for, a holiday home business to get off the ground, and a wedding in two weeks, she's never been so busy! But just when everything seems to be coming together, a wildfire breaks out on the mountain, threatening the stables and everyone in it. Can the flames be doused and the stables saved, or will all of Petra's dreams go up in smoke?

This is the seventh novella in the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane series, and although it can be read on its own, you will have much more fun if you read the books in sequence and you've followed Petra and Harry's story from the beginning.

The story so far:
Spring at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
Summer at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
Autumn at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
Winter at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
Valentine Kisses at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
The Patter of Tiny Feet at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
Wedding Bells at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane

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