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technique to text seo post up anchor rank page using high serp or on

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Using Anchor Text Seo Technique To Rank Post Or Page High Up On Serp
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The most awesome and delicate place to get traffic is from search engine result page (SERP) of Google, Bing, and other major search engines. In order to receive a fair share of organic traffic from search engines, you need to learn, understand and implement search engine optimization.

SEO is divided into two(2), we have the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO . The On Page SEO include optimizing your website content or post for search engines. while off-page S.E optimization include building natural, quality, anchor rich backlinks to your blog.

Now that we’ve established a basic SEO foundation, am going to be sharing a trick i use in getting my new and older post ranking high up on SERP. The trick is the use of keyword rich Anchor text backlinks pointing to our vary blog post and site content. Most of us know this but actually don’t know how effective it is or let say you’ve been doing it wrongly.

What Is Anchor Text?
Anchor text refers to the words that make up a link; they are the words that turn your mouse cursor into a finger- pointing hand.

How Is Anchor Text Important?
To newbies, the importance of backlinks is just to increase pagerank. They think the higher their pagerank, the more their website do well or SERP. this use to be true years ago, but search engines particularly Google has evolved, nowadays, website with lower PR sometimes do rank higher on serp and receives more organic traffic than those with high pagerank.

Now to the importance of anchor text ; links are very important to search engines spider, they rely on it to crawl and index web pages.

Case Study: if hundreds of site link to a fashion website with anchor text “fashion home” or any fashion related words, search engines will know that the site is about fashion and will give importance as well as higher position on serp when such anchor text is queried on Google or any major search engine.

How Does The Use Of Anchor Text Rank Web Page Or Post Higher Up On SERP
I believe we have a post or page in mind that we’ll like for it to do well on search engine result page. Next, is to find the key words or phrase we will like the post to rank high on, then start building backlinks to that page with the keyword(s) or phrase as anchor text .

EXAMPLE let’s take a sport niche website as a case sturdy. Assuming the website has a blog post regarding the FIFA World Cup, and let us see how we can use anchor text to rank the post higher on SERP.

• First, we need to determine the keyword or phrase we want the post to rank well on. In this example, we shall be taking “FIFA” and “World Cup” as our keyword and phrase.
• Next is to build backlinks with the keyword and phrase as anchor text.
• Make sure over 80% of the backlinks are from website in the same niche as yours so as to give your post some trust by search engines. Meaning, for the post about FIFA World Cup to do well on serp, we should build backlinks from site on sport niche.
• Always alter the anchor text when building link to the post. you should be careful about getting too many links that look exactly the same. If 99% of the links that are pointing to FIFA World Cup post all use “Fifa World Cup” as their respective anchor text, this will send up a red flag at Google that these links probably are not normal links. This is bad! You don’t want to make Google suspicious. Instead, when you request other people to link to your page, ask for variations of that keyword, such as: “Fifa competition”, “World Cup tournament” etc.

How Do I Use Anchor Text Trick To Make My Post Do Well On SERP?
Now that we’ve learnt the importance and implementation of quality rich anchor text backlinks, below are ways in achieving this.

1. Always submit your blog post or content to social bookmarking sites like,,,,,, Get more social bookmarking site .
2. Leave comment on CommentLUV enable blogs making sure you include your latest post or desire post as stipulated by the blog owner.
3. Make guest post and include a link to a related post in your website.
4. Pay bloggers in same niche as you to write sponsored post with a link back to your site.

With the increasing number of quality backlinks with appropriate anchor text pointing to your blog post, the higher your blog post or website content rank on Google search engine result page.


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