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Bitcoin Hitting $100,000 Doesn’t Matter. Many People Have Missed The Point.
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Bitcoin Hitting $100,000 Doesn’t Matter. Many People Have Missed the Point.
I learned this: tricking yourself into thinking you’re getting richer is one of the biggest lies of current society.

Bitcoin is making every investment/asset in history look stupid.
I own Bitcoin. I got involved early on. People either love me or hate me for this somewhat crazy technological choice. They sometimes write misinformed articles about my belief in the future of money, while simultaneously closing their mind to new ideas. They think I care about Bitcoin opinions. I don’t. My only goal in life is to make people think. Getting people to agree with my point of view is the stuff of mind control. I can’t brainwash you. Sorry.
People think the price of each coin hitting $100,000 USD is the end game. While the rise in value is nice for us early adopters of Bitcoin, it completely misses the point.
Bitcoin could go back down to $100. I don’t think it will. But if Bitcoin does do something crazy in terms of price then so be it. I feel like Bitcoin is a radical shift in thinking that is infecting the planet faster than any pandemic. Bitcoin isn’t an investment. Bitcoin isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.
Bitcoin is a different way of thinking.
If Bitcoin does keep accelerating in adoption then the foundation of society is going to change. Society is built on centralization. Society is set up by governments. Society is made up of races limited by borders. Bitcoin doesn’t have borders. There is no Bitcoin office.
You can’t complain to Bitcoin.
You can’t be shut down by the billionaire owner of Bitcoin. The creator of Bitcoin is a mystery — it could be Wonder Woman for all we know. You’re free to look into Bitcoin or not. You’re free to buy Bitcoin. You’re free to transact in Bitcoin.
People get easily caught in the hype cycle of Bitcoin, or the anger in the fact they didn’t buy Bitcoin, and so they feel like they must throw stones at anybody who did.
Here’s the point that is missed: Bitcoin doesn’t care. Bitcoin doesn’t give a damn about your emotions. Bitcoin doesn’t care if you got rich.

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