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Tying Knots Made Easy - Step By Step Guide On How To Make Different Kinds Of Knot...
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[Image: 574d105d293d802ffd18e9fca10b2957.png]
pdf | 2.76 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09Q17X4MZ | Author: Brunner, James | Year: 2022


Quote:Have you realized that there is more to tying knots than just tying a tie or your shoes laces and you wish to expand your knowledge by learning how to tie different kinds of knots that come in handy during different situations in life?

And are you looking for a book that simplifies the whole process by taking away the guesswork so you can make any knot fast and easily without making too many mistakes?

If you've answered YES,

You Are About To Discover How To All Manner Of Strong, Lasting Knots To Serve Different Purposes, Whether You Are A Sailor, Mountain Climber, Survivalist, Herder And More!

Tying knots is often an overlooked skill that many people don't make an effort to learn past tying shoe laces. What many don't know is that tying a solid knot can be the holding line in a life or death situation and the skill can be handy in many other basic day-to-day activities.
Think about it; there are hobbies you may never even be able to attempt if you can't tie certain knots correctly, as you would be a danger to yourself and others! The fact that you are here means you understand the importance of tying knots but have all manner of questions going through your mind.
What makes a good knot?

Where do you start when creating the perfect knot?

In just what ways are knots critical in life?
How do you increase the odds of having the best knots?

You are about to discover answers to these and other related questions about knot making so keep reading to learn how to perfect the true art of making common and the not so common knots!

More precisely, you will find:

[*] A brief history on knot tying and how knots were used in the past so that you can understand and appreciate the skill
[*] How knots are practically used in modern times
[*] Knot tying terminology that will help you understand the processes of tying the various knots in the book
[*] How to select the best rope for practicing knot tying
[*] What knots can do to the strength of a rope and the characteristics of a good knot that you should aim to achieve
[*] The basic knots used in knot tying and different types of knots and how to tie them step by step without making potentially costly mistakes
[*] And so much more!

The truth is, without the proper skill, tying the perfect knot can be daunting and frustrating to say the least. You need to learn what makes a good knot and how to make a good knot, and this is what this book is all about!
It doesn't matter if the only knot you can tie is with your shoe laces; this book will walk you towards knot tying, from the basics to more advanced techniques, ensuring that you grasp the basics first.
If you are ready for this,

Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get your copy and get started!

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