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two poems

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Two Poems
(2.9k )
Poems: Award Re cipients / Group 1 (Grades 4 to 6)
I’m leaving?
Gun sounds here Bomb sounds there
I’m not safe I need a place
A place of safety
Where there are no guns, no bombs
I’m leaving...
I can’t leave now
What about my baby chicks?
What about my little puppy?
He woke me up every morning
What about my grand papa?
What about my grand momma?
She always made me fresh tea
What about my straw house it always keeps me warm
NOT AGAIN! Guns and bombs everywhere, I have to leave
Leaving all my best buddies
Leaving my grandparents
Leaving all my favourite things
Leaving all my happiness!!
I have no choice but to leave
And I know that I will be safe in the new place
But I will get my happiness back?
Kesidha Rajakesary
H.A. Halbert Junior Public School, Grade 5
Age 10
1st Prize – 2009

These Shoes
Here I am again in this hot and lonely place working
Hard and feeling so much pain. I don’t have enough
Energy to go on. The day drags, I just can’t bare this heat, I
Wish I could eat. As I work here in the dark wondering about
my next attempt to escape my life seems so stark. I start to
think of all the boys and girls who will wear these shoes on
their feet. These shoes they will wear everywhere, just like
the other 100 pairs, I have made. If only I could have my
own. I could skip and play all day, instead, I worry and I am
scared all I need is to eat and to put something on my feet.
Why oh why me I wish I had a voice to speak and the
freedom to run and play. A life like the kids who wear these
shoes. What can I do? What will you do? Do you have a say?
Madeleine Raposo
Queen of Heaven Public School, Grade 5
Age 10
2nd Prize – 2011
The Power of Healing
COSTI Art Therapy Program


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