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eva ashwood twisted game

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Twisted Game Eva Ashwood
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[Image: 92e85e00bb5999c48a31f9d6acac1610.png]
epub | 538.78 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7J78QY7 | Author: Eva Ashwood | Year: 2022


Quote:I was the girl no one looked at twice. Until they saw me .

My whole life, no one has had my back. My parents are dead, my adoptive mother is a drug addict, and the mean girls on campus mock me for my scars.

So when I end up desperate for money and out of options, I agree to sell the one thing I have left: my innocence.

On the night I'm meant to give my body to a brutal Russian mobster, three men storm into the room like dark shadows and kill him before he can claim me. When they drag me from the blood-soaked bed, I'm certain they're going to kill me too.

They don't. but they don't forget about me, either.

These three dangerous brothers will do anything to make sure I keep my mouth shut about what I saw, even if it means stalking my every movement. I'm a loose thread to them-but somehow, I'm becoming more than that too.

I'm becoming an obsession.
A temptation.
A craving.

And no matter how much I try to deny the terrifying attraction that pulses between us, I know if I don't find a way out of this tangled web soon.

Their darkness will swallow me up.

Twisted Game is a full-length new adult romance with dark themes, damaged anti-heroes, and high heat. It is book one of four in the series.

Category:Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense, New Adult & College Romance



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