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Why Cryptocurrencies Should Not Be Afraid Of Google And Twitter Ban
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The announcement of cryptocurrency ad ban on google and twitter sent some shock wave into the cryptocurrency market. So far it has subsided. Probably the reaction was based on impulse rather than a clear thinking. Why is it so?

Interestingly enough, several crypto-related companies contacted said they actually welcome the ad ban. Darren Marble, the CEO of fintech marketing firm

CrowdfundX, which is marketing the widely publicized KodakCoin, is one of them.

The only people who are disappointed in google and Twitter’s purported ban of crypto ads are the scammers and con artists. The big money raised in ICOs is relationship-based, and the most legitimate issuers are well connected to active crypto and blockchain funds.

It is believed that the ban on crypto advertising is actually positive change for the industry, and will help clean up a lot of the garbage.

Nicolas Van Hoorder, CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency tracking app Delta, isn't worried. He said &Twitter, Facebook and Google want a better ad experience for their users, and the cryptocurrency community wants legitimacy as a financial market. Their restrictions are part of a gradual process to filter out illicit activities from genuine companies with innovative products. The market will eventually stabilize and &misleading activities& will be weeded out, he claims.

While some startups that don't have access to Silicon Valley's VC wealth will undoubtedly be hurt by the inability to advertise their token sales, it appears that overall, the blockchain space is so hot right now that even a wide-ranging ad ban won't kill or even hurt it — perhaps only slow it down a little.

I think it will not influence its popularity. Everyone knows how popular BTC is and only stupid people may think that it's a bubble. Bitcoin is a serious business, only a few knows about the best ways of making money with Bitcoin . From ICO Pulse source I read about the easiest ones. I use BTC faucets.

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