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a wig? what summer good is

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What Is A Good Summer Wig?
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Still Struggling to choose the proper wig to wear in summer ? You’re not alone .It’s a suffer to wear a damp wig with sweaty scalp.As we have mentioned before ,the three stragegies will be dicussed about the best summer wig.

The first stragegy : lace front wigs, like 13X4 lace front wigs ,13X6 lace front wigs ,360 lace front wigs;

The seond: light color wigs,namely 613 blonde hairs,Ginger hairs, Balayage highlights;

Today ,we’ll talk about the last stragegy to wear : short hair and speical texture .

1.Short bob wig

The bob wigs used to be worn in British courts. It is a classic hair, specially designed for ladies who like short hair. Its unique style attract plenty of women who have an interest in clean-cut hairstyle.
It gives you the most natural look. Bob wigs can be curly, sleek, flirty and straight. there are just so many kind like 13X4 lace wigs , 4X4 lace wigs, 360 lace wigs and so on .
And the bob wig length is usually from 8 inches to 14 inches ,the shorter the bob wig is ,the more wind you will feel .In my opinion ,choose the wig that is not over your shoulder is a good choice to stay cool , or shorter ,just reach small part of your neck .so the neck won’t be bothered by sweat and damp hair roots.
Besides, you can get in touch with ruiyu Hair for the best bob wig styles for face shape, skin colors, etc.
Here I recommend the 613 color short bob , 13x4 lace front wig ,so the three strategies can be done on just one wig.

2.Can do High ponytail

It’s wise to change the wig texture you like according to the hot weather.
A high ponytail is a hairstyle that has all the hair gathered and secured into a section on top of the head. Casual + sporty + elegant = it's unbelievable how versatile this ponytail hairstyle is.

What’s most important ,you’ll feel really cool with the high ponytail in summer.

Which wig can do the highponytail ? T part wig ? V part wig ? of course not ,you should choose the 13X4 lace frontal or 13X6 lace frontal , even 360 lace wig based on yourbuget. All of the above can do the high ponytail.

A small tips for you : Don’t pulled the hair too tight ,or shedding can’t be avioded.

Hope the stragegy can bring you a comfortable and cool summer!


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