a with facebook sharing i wapmasters thumbnail working pls need wapka

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Wapka Wapmasters Pls I Need A Working Facebook Sharing With Thumbnail.......
(8.3k )
Plz I need Facebook share code with image in forum to
display on Facebook for wapka
Plz I need it quickly
Reward for it

@flexible where are you?

when @Spruce is online
he knows more about wapka


I we get d code 4 u. Bt fest lehme no de reward.!

-::msg:: must be covered with name="spruce"
- you need to have fb app
-add share button where u want it
PHP Code:
<script type="text/javascript"mte=document.getElementsByName('spruce')[0].innerHTMLos=mte.replace(/<b>|<\/b>|<|>|'|"|\[img\]|\[\/img\]/ig,''); os=os.substr(0,200); cap='ethio-pic.tk'; href=location.href; ret=location.href; if(m.match(/[img]/ig)){picture=m.split('[img]')[1].split('[/img]')[0];} else {picture='http://spruce/img/601029/601029420_2b90f9cfd4.png';} shbtn='<a href="https://www.facebook.com/dialog/share?app_id=4327&description='+os+'&picture='+picture+'&redirect_uri='+ret+'&caption='+cap+'&href='+href+'&title='+document.title+'"><img src="http://spruce/img/601030/601030734_c1a1e80231.jpg" alt="share on fb" /></a>'; document.write(shbtn); </script> 
If u are gud change image.
after my reward i we share the real code.

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