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to a quick payoneer create usa get bank and how account on steps

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Quick Steps On How To Create A Payoneer Account And Get A Usa Bank Account
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Let me quickly walk you through
the steps on how open
account in nigeria, but before
then why do you even need
Payoneer account because am
very sure most of the readers
here are totally novice.
Read Also:
If you have been hearing people
mention Payoneer and you have
no single understanding of what
they are talking about then read
my below explanation to learn
how it works.
What is Payoneer and How does
it work?

Payoneer is a global payment

which allows you to send and
receive money from overseas
without issues. But that’s not the
really and main reason why
Payoneer is high in demand here.
Payoneer gives you two major
bank accounts as soon as your
registration is activated with
them. You get
UK bank and USA
bank from them in common. There
are other banks which might be
available but we only focus on
those two since they are the
once we need in common.
So with Payoneer you easily get
USA or UK bank account without
you been a citizen. And with this
bank you can send and receive
money worldwide without issues.
let me further explain.
Most of the online businesses
today requires Payoneer to pay
you e.g

Google Adsense
since they are international
companies. What they will request
is your USA or UK bank if you’re
using USA or UK AdSense or if
you’re working with other
companies that pays with
Since Payoneer render the
required banks, all you need to do
is give them your Payoneer
account details and you will get
your payment directly to your
Payoneer account. Now after
getting your payment, Payoneer
allow you to withdraw the cash
directly to your local bank with
little transaction charges. Boom
you can now feel comfortable in
getting payments from
international companies which
accept Payoneer as their
payment methods.
Another crucial reason why
Payoneer is hot in demand in
Nigeria is the fact that you can
use them to withdraw from
PayPal in Nigeria. With the aid of
Payoneer, you can create USA
PayPal account, Connect your
Payoneer and get your funds
transferred to your Payoneer
with ease. With this you need no
war with any PayPal exchanger.Having known this, you should be
searching for a good guide on
how open payoneer account in
nigeria and that’s what am here
to share with you so feel relax
and see the steps below.
how open payoneer account in
There are just 4 easy steps to
sign up Payoneer account in
and below are the steps.
CLICK here to Visit Payoneer official
website and click on the signup

and you will see a new page as
shown below.
Fill in your real names, Working
email address and date of birth
and click on the next button.
Step2: Select your country, Your
home address, your zip code and
your phone number (use a real
mobile number please in case of
after that click on
the next Button
Step3: fill in Your security details
correctly just in case any issue
arises you can solve them
without loosing your Payoneer
account. after that select the
next button.
Step4: Fill in your Nigeria bank
details correctly
After filling your Bank details
wait for them to review your
account and you will get a
message from them.
Some times it may take 24hrs or
more to activate your account, I
have even come to instance
where it took about a week but
sometimes it takes just hrs.
The last Payoneer i created in
order to capture the steps were
easily approved less than
40munites : See the below
screenshots time and dates.
ConclutionSadSteps to open a
Payoneer account in Nigeria for
Free )
The above steps are all that’s
required to get your Payoneer
account done. With the above
steps you can create Payoneer
for yourself or for any other
Note: When your Payoneer
account isn’t fully approved you
won’t get access to the entire
dashboard, such as UK and US
bank details and others but as
soon as you get the approval
message you can now check back
on your Payoneer to see it has
been activated with the complete

Incase your confuse on how to fill the informations... Then




always comment if u have question or need help


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