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How To Take Good Care Of Your Wigs In Summer?
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As we all know ,It’s a suffer to wear a damp wig with sweaty scalp, Is there any ways to take good care of your wigs and feels cool? Here are some tips:

Clean-up your wig at least once a week

Sweat and dirt build-up very easily for wigs for black women when the weather is hot. This relate to itchy scalp sensation. That’s the reason go through summer gracefully is like a long and impossible battle .
In summer, be sure to washing and conditioning regularly . Here I suggest you should do the clean-up once a week, and don't use a certain wig for too long , choose the put—on and go type like T Part wigs ,or head band wigs .Make sure to thoroughly clean the unit's hairline so dirt is removed to prevent breakouts and messy lace.

Give yourself a new look

High time to play around with new hairstyles and create a new summer look that not only makes you look cool but feel it too. By keeping your hair off your neck, you allow for the circulation of refreshing breezes which will instantly cool you down. Try something different and wear a wig with a fashionable short, swoopy, bob, or fresh pixie look,also, a T part lace wig will also helps .

If you prefer a longer style, keep the hair off your neck with braids, or tie it in a messy up-do. We suggest staying away from the low ponytail look as it can swish around, picking up a sweat from the back of your neck.

Use the speical shampoo

Using a shampoo that has peppermint as an active ingredient is ideal before wearing Modu wigs. The peppermint will leave a cooling sensation on your scalp even when wearing a middle part wig. Most organic stores carry these types of shampoos, so you can check online for prices and types of shampoo that may be right for you.

Keep your wig away from swimming pool

Keeping your wigs nice and clean is especially important in the hot summer months. Wigs tend to attract oils and accumulate dirt and dust, and during the summer you’re probably sweating more than on the cooler months especially if you are active or spend a lot of time outside. A dirty wig can lead to a scalp infection we recommend you clean it after 4-5 weeks. Be sure to use only wig friendly products.

Wish you have a interseting and cool summer!


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