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to male female avatar and set how wapka

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How To Set Wapka Male And Female Avatar
(8.6k )
Login to Go to :Edit site: navigate to users, >> user profile

Activate user profiles:
Mark it check

Allow photo in profile:
Choose Enabled

Resize width of the photo after upload (20px-240px)1 2 0

Allow redefined avatars (set pictures)
Choose Enable

Go down in click Set

Then go back on top Allow redefined avatars ( set pictures):
Click link set pictures

Go down then click Add new avatar Then Choose Among of your upload icon or ph0to

Have you seen link like this?

A . U .. M . X .

Whats is A . U .. M . X .

A - Link of Adding
U - Link Url of Image
M - Link of moving to another Dir
X - Link of removing the Image

Ch00se A

Until you complete 3 avatar or ic0n

1 avatar for Set Default
1 avatar for Female
1 avatar for Male

Then go down click this link Set fixation of default avatar on profile variable

Heres the setting

Select profile variable: Choose among of Example ::var-2::

What is ::var-2:: in the example?
Ans: Its a variable for Female In Male

Then Choose the Avatar for Female

Then put this text in the box

Then Choose the Avatar for Male also

Then put this text in the box
Click "Set" to complete Done!




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