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to understand and how read

How To Read And Understand

*How You Can Remember 90% Of Everything You Learn

In one of my posts, I mentioned that learning is one of the 10 secrets of successful students . It is one thing to learn while it is another thing to remember what you have learned. In fact, the main aim of learning is to remember what you have learn’t.

You can study 20 pages but only remember few pages. One question comes to mind “Is something wrong with me”? Not really. How much you will remember is determined by your method of study.

However, other factors can contribute to poor retentive memory. Now how can you remember 90% of what you learn?

How to read and understand


1. Humans remember 5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from a lecture (i.e. in class).

2. We remember 10% of what we learn from books.

3. We take note of 20% of what we learn when we watch Videos

4. Humans remember 30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration.

5. You remember 50% of what you learn when you engage in a group discussion.

6. Human beings remember 75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.

7. Now the big thing. Humans remember 90% of what they learn when they teach others.


You can now see that passive methods cannot make you remember much. Relying on what you have been taught in class is the worst decision you can take as a student.

You can’t just sit for a lecture and expect to remember everything. In fact, many students forget what they have been taught immediately. Also, we do not remember everything read from books or watched in television.


Engaging in group discussions is a very good way to study. After class or on a special arrangement, you can fix yourself in group and shed more light on a particular topic being taught. This can help you remember a lot.


A better method to remember what you study is practice. The efficiency of constant practice cannot be overemphasized. Practice makes better. Do not delay, time is different from money.

No matter who we are, where we are in the world, or how much we strive for efficiency, there are only 24 hours in each day. Every single minute is unique, and once it’s gone, it can never be regained, unlike money.

So, if we all have 24 hours in a day, how do we explain the success stories of young millionaires that started from nothing, or a full-time student going from beginner to conversation fluency in Spanish after just 3.5 months? They learned how to maximize for effectiveness instead of only efficiency.

What does that tell you? Effective study is a function of time. You have to spend quality time in practicing what have been taught.

Active learning is the best method of learning. It helps you remember 90% of what you have learned. Another question that comes to mind is this; what is active learning? Active learning is a learning pattern in which you are 100% involved.

Therefore, we can conclude that teaching others is the best way to remember what you learn. I have a question for you: Can you forget what you have taught someone? Absolutely NO.

You may not know everything, but at least you know something. This is the strength of that scholar in your class. He teaches people and stays ahead of them.

Let’s say LUKE spent one hour learning a language and retained 90% of what he learned. And JOHN spent nine hours learning and retained 10% of what he learned. Doing simple calculation, JOHN spent 9x more time learning than LUKE, only to retain the same amount of information (LUKE: 1 * 0.9 = JOHN: 9 * 0.1).

While the exact numbers can be debated, the lesson is clear. The way to have more time is not to go for small wins, like watching 5-minute YouTube tutorials instead of 15-minutes, but to go for big wins, like choosing the most effective method from the beginning. Or constantly relying on free alternatives, when investing in a premium solution can shave off months, if not years, worth of struggles, mistakes, and most importantly, time.

It’s making the most out of the limited time we have by focusing on solutions that deliver the most impact, and saying no to everything else.

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