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to ways up easy your 4 speed website

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4 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Website
(5.1k )
Your Website load time matters a lot, as long as you are in the business of making money from your website, by what ever mean best know to
you, it will be wise that you optimize you website
speed, for better users experience.

So do your self good and that of your website and pay attention to what am about to share with you, if you have a website runing on the internet or planning to have one soon, these post is for you.

So here we Go 5 Ways to speed Up Your Website:
1. Use a Better Host To Host Your websites
A good host is a must. If you use a slow host, then no matter what else you do, your site will struggle to fly.

Think about it this way: your host is the foundation on which your website is built. It is critical to pick one that is fast.

If am to make recommendation… I Will Recommend on the Host providers ,there hosting service, speed, Customer’s care among

Web Hosting Company I Recommend are as follows:

2:: Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
A Content delivery network ( CDN ) takes all of the static files (images, CSS, Javascript etc) on your site and lets visitors download them as a fast as possible by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible.
Using a content delivery network is cool for site load speed up, try it on your site and thank me later for sharing with you the 5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Website.
3:: Use a Caching Plugin
These is Cool, All CMS Has Caching plugin and
extension, So If your site uses static resources like images, CSS and Javascript you can use caching to speed things up.
Caching is where parts of your site are stored so that they only need to be loaded once. Caching is especially useful for return visitors and those who visit multiple pages on your site.
The most widely recommended plugin for wordpress cms, and the one we use on our projects and clients projects, is W3 Total Cache. It takes a bit of setting up (ask your host if not sure) but is very powerful.
If you want something more ‘plug and play’, you can try WP Super Cache. It also work superb.
NOTE.. The Following Plugin, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are both WordPress CMS Plugin, so are compatible to wordpress hosted site.
4:: Compress Images
This is a big one. Images tend to be the biggest files on a site, so if they’re uncompressed it can really slow things down.
Luckily compressing your files is a pretty easy thing to do.
So Take Action On The 5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Website, Implement what you have learn from these post, and watch the speed and rank of your site increase.


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