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wordpress plugins users 4 for best security

4 Best Wordpress Security Plugins For Wordpress Users

I will not be mistaken to brand the wordpress platform for bloggers the best blogging platform and the most widely used blogging platform by bloggers. Out of more than half of the blogs and websites in the globe are powered by wordpress. We have a normal saying that “he who has the grass is followed by the goats”. Judging from the popularity of this website platform for bloggers, this have brought in several hackers to place their keen interest in this ever growing blogging platform to break their encryption codes and hack into them, leaving little interest with blogger, joomla and wix website platforms.

Our motivation to writing this article is to cover the most effective and the best wordpress security plugins for wordpress websites so as to help reduce the risk of website vulnerability to hackers.

NB: we said these plugins will help reduce the risk of hacking from hackers and not protect the website totally from any hacking attempt done.

Speaking further on the wordpress security plugins we are talking about, they ranges from those perfect plugins which can be used to secure a website from vulnerability of known sources. The list of these said plugins covers several areas of your website which are listed below:

. Access control

. Login security

. Spam protection

Content theft protection

. Backup tools

. File integrity monitoring

. Email protection

We could further discuss the wordpress security plugins we were referring to above as the best wordpress security plugins. We can assure you that with these wordpress security plugins discussed below, you could get your website to 85% safety from hackers.

. The wordfence

From the inception of this great plugin, it has recorded a download of about 1 million and a rating of 4.95 on the 5 star rating scale for wordpress plugins. This is known as the most popular wordpress security plugin which covers a range of security areas in wordpress which include:

. Login security

. IP blocking

. Security scanning

. WordPress firewall and monitoring

This plugin starts its function with analyzing if a website is being infected with any virus or malware. It conducts a deeper scan of the websites source code and compares it to the Official WordPress repository for core themes and plugins.

The plugin offers an easy setup for beginner bloggers and a fast usage for the pro bloggers.

This plugin serves its free version and the premium version. The premium versions of this plugin is directed towards those who wish to go a higher length in securing their websites. The premium version offers services like country blockingn two-factor authentication, scheduled scanning and several other services.

. Sucuri security

This security plugin is a free plugin which is available in the wordpress repository. The plugin alternatively offers several security features like security activity auditing, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, effective security hardening, file integrity monitoring, and also a website firewall. This is a security plugin for complimenting the existing security posture.

The sucuri plugin aims at tracking all the activity on your website, which includes:

. User login

. when changes are made on your website

In this way, if there happen to be a breach in security, you’ll be able to review the activity logs and find out what happened.

. All in one WPsecurity Firewall

All in one WP security and firewall is also among the most popular wordpress security plugin if I must say. It offers a user friendly interface which is geared towards helping those who do not have background knowledge in wordpress security advanced settings.

This plugin performs its security task by checking your website for vulnerabilities and implementing the latest technique and security measures needed by a website.

There is a meter on the dashboard of your security plugin that virtually gives the details of how secure your website is by using them. By additional security options you can increase your websites score.

This plugin also have a security scanner that keeps track of files and notifies you about each changes in your wordpress system. It can also detect malicious code in you wordpress websit if there assumes to be any.

. Bulletproof security

This is another notable wordpress security plugin whose primary function is to protect your website from malicious attempts. What I love about this plugin is that it provides a single security solution. It secures your website against RFI, XSS, CRLF, SQL injection, and code injection hackings.

The full list of features included with BulletProof security is too long to list, so we will do just but a few here:

. An easy single-check setup

. File monitoring and quaranting of files which are uploaded

. Email alerts for certain user actions......



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