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tutorial 2018:hidden Secret Of Opera Mini

Do you known that you can do a lot of things with opera mini it useful especially for webmaster

Do you know that as a webmaster you can source any website code easily just visit the url you want to source

After That just go to enter address input ource>serverConfusedource

All The code in that page will display just wait a mintue

Another secret is that you can set to speed up you opera mini to load faster
Another secret is that you can easily see a image just add
to the begining of the image url
Another secret is that you can know the details about your opera mini just type opera:about in your browser and see
Another secret is that you can check weather you have a working connection just type serverConfusedetup in your browser
You can easily cache any page by typing opera:cache
You can check your ip network provider your details or if you are using vpn if your ip is still visible you can check

You can also call without minizing or exisit just type tel: in browser and call
If you want to refresh your browser just input server:refresh
You can easily seen a feed in a website just input feed:list
if you want to add your own code to your opera mini just go to your browser and input j‌avascript:

You must have knowledge of programming language you can join me in pyradic forum to learn