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Trauma - The Invisible Epidemic - How Trauma Works And How We Can Heal From It, U...
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[Image: 07cc705856b8bec88ad8662ef8f7afc3.png]
epub | 411.79 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B013D6640M | Author: Paul Conti | Year: 2016


Quote:'I can say with certainty that this man saved my life. He made life worth living. But most importantly, he empowered me to find and reclaim myself again' Lady Gaga
Do the work to heal yourself and find a path through trauma.
Trauma is everywhere and so many of us are silently affected by it. Stressful, challenging and frightening events can happen to anyone, at any age, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. Left unchecked, difficult experiences can have a lasting psychological effect on our wellbeing.
In Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic, leading psychiatrist Dr Paul Conti sets out a unique set of tools anyone can access to help recognise the signs of trauma, heal from past hurt and find the road to recovery.
Drawing on the most recent scientific research, Dr Conti breaks down the topic into clear sections, looking at why trauma happens, how it manifests in the body and what we can do to move past it. In the book, you'll...

Category:Couples & Family Therapy, Mental Illness, Psychological Pathologies



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