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The Weight Of Our Hearts A Sta - Nina Bloom
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[Image: _e9193bc4fbb03538f62f0118439f7f95.jpeg]
epub | 1.55 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0846QCMY5 | Author: Nina Bloom | Year: 2022


Quote:We're from two different worlds, but in her arms, I'm home.


Life didn't give me a silver spoon. It gave me tetanus. When Adam Wade walks into my club, I know I'm in trouble. His money I can handle. But sweet words, gentle hands? I don't know what to do with that. Eventually, he's gonna wise up and walk away. If I let him in, what'll be left of me when he goes?


I'm the adopted son of the man who owns the city. I was born into nothing, and I've earned my seat at the table. But at night, when I can't sleep, I'm haunted by the pieces of myself I've disowned to make it this far.

I don't know why Plum caught my eye, but I can't look away. Maybe it's her brave face, her fight, her quirks. I'm obsessed, all-in with my eyes screwed shut. Then life throws a harsh light on our choices. I'm forced to face the ugly truth of what she's done to survive-and what I'll have to sacrifice to be with her.

Plum's a fighter, but would she fight for us? And if I give up everything for her, who will I be?

Plum is a 60,000-word "opposites attract" romance set in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club world. It takes place at the same time as Nickel's Story. This novel is intended for adult readers (18+) due to strong language, violence, triggers, and explicit intimate scenes.

Standalone. HEA.

Category:Holiday Romance, Holiday Romance, Billionaire Romance



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