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The Stigma Of My Life
The stigma of my life
it was when i was in form three that my sister who
was and still married to a businessman brought me to
united state. i was fifteen years old then.The things
that informed my elder sister bringing me into her
matrimonial home in united state were mainly three ;to
help her look after the young ones;continue my
college education and act as the keeper in their mini
supermarket near our house
Since my sister is a nurse and my brother in law is an
international businessman, t lacked nothing,he often
brought good dresses and shoes from italy where he
frequented for business activities.My brother in law
was very strict with me in spite of his generous
disposition towards me in gifts, dresses,shoes and
jewelry.He even found time to visit me in school
whenever i and others had cause to stay a little longer
than the normal closing time.
One day while i was in form four and my sister had
gone to night duty as a nurse,my in law told me that
he liked me and would want to make love with me
since i was no longer a baby.i politely reminded him
that he was my sister‘s husband and i didn't know
about such a thing.He merely told me that he
understood my attitude and that i should not tell
anyone since he was merely teasing me.His
generosity towards me increased.i didn' t see the
need reporting the matter to my sister.I feared she
would not believe and could go ahead to suspect me
seducing her husband.i heard something like that
happened to a girl who was staying with her sister in
a near by street before my arrival in united state.
Almost a year after his first approach when my
sister had gone home to nigeria to visit our parent for
about a week, he forced me into making love to him.he
continued few more times to force me to do it with
him until i became pregnant.He was more vocal in
saying,that the pregnancy belong to Joe who was
befriending me and who had actually shown interest
in marrying me.he encouraged me to quickly marry
Joe and generously helped Joe and myself to speedily
get through the wedding ceremony.
I know within myself that my first son doesn't belong
to my husband and that he is physically different
from my children, boys and girls,that are naturally
Joe's,Only I and my in law know that my first son
belongs to him and not my ‘ second' but real
husband.many years passed and nobody will believe
my story so i have had to live with this stigma ,and
may continue like that for the rest of my life.
And now my mind is not at rest.pls should I tell my
husband or continue living on like that ?
This is a true life story.
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