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s a chance prince at the carol love moncado

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The Prince's Chance At Love A - Carol Moncado
(43 )
[Image: _f4b67c2293f1f4eddf690ca454d81c90.jpeg]
epub | 407.59 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09VMTHN55 | Author: Carol Moncado | Year: 2022


Quote:She's a recent widow.
He's a prince desperate for a vacation.
Will circumstances throw them into wedded bliss?

Tiaras & True Love
Book 6
Royals of Eyjania

Prince Josiah Quatremaine of Eyjania has been looking forward to a much-needed vacation.

First a conference, then a week with nothing on his agenda except hanging out with a couple of friends.

Rebekah Vogel has been been looking forward to some time off, to ease the pain of her still-broken heart after the death of her husband a couple of months earlier.

Plus she needs the time to come to terms with the idea that she's about to become a single mother.

She's grateful to Josiah for offering her a place to stay right on the beach, with no demands on her time - or her emotions.

But after a tragic accident results in a death, Josiah is able to leave the country due to his royal status - but Bekah would have to stay behind.

That's how they find themselves standing in the Eyjanian consulate taking vows so they can just go home.

Now, with his vacation canceled, Josiah must decide if he's going to become the first divorced Quatremaine in their thousand-year history or if giving the relationship a shot is the Prince's Chance at Love .

Category:Contemporary Christian Romance, Contemporary Christian Romance, Religious Romance



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