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programming language the is best

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The Best Programming Language Is...
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Well this thread is basically about controversy.

Some people believe Java is the best programming language due its cross-platform (write once run anywhere) nature (Unfortunately today's Java has not achieved true WORA).

Others think its C# and the accompanying .Net Framework.

Some die hard C fans will say its C because no language can seat on a machine like C.

Some say its Javascript due to ease of learning and use.

Others PHP because really PHP is really moving outwards to new domains today beyond the web.

And some geeks like me will always love python any day cos we can easily prototype with it.

Whats your take? Whats the best language there is?

To me this is no best programming language. They are all needed in their own way.

But seems u are asking, the best programming language is the most used language.

the best most used language to me is HTML and PHP

@flexible, html is the body language, php, javascript, c, python and so on are under html... Html is just like english language. Without it, you cant have php, java and so on... But to me, i think php is the best. Just like facebook, twitter, eskimi and most social networking site use php... And some browsers dont support java script just like java fone browsers.... Shisha_goza


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