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Superluminal Performance 1.0.4873.1234
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Superluminal Performance 1.0.4873.1234

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Everything you could possibly dream of to optimize your game. Superluminal currently supports profiling applications on Windows, xbox One, and PlayStation written in C++, Rust and .NET.

Built for Scale
Superluminal has been built for scale from the ground up. You can record a few frames of data, or you can record a few hours of data - it's all the same to us. Superluminal will remain stable, with low memory usage, while showing you your profiling data in a smooth and fast 60 FPS UI. Want to see CallGraph data for a specific bad performing piece in the timeline? Select a time range in the timeline view and all views will filter to that specific section in constant time - whether you're selecting the entire range or a second somewhere in the middle of a huge capture.

Visual UI
Traditionally reserved for instrumenting profilers, Superluminal is the only sampling profiler that displays the profiling data in a visual UI. Sampling data is displayed on a timeline, which allows you to see exactly, per thread, what function is being called when, what functions are being called around it and in what order. This gives you an unprecedented understanding of what's happening in your program; understand not just what's being called, but more importantly, why it's being called. Of course, like everything else in Superluminal, our UI is built for scale - it will remain smooth at all times, no matter how much data you've captured.

Superluminal is a sampling profiler. This allows you to hit the ground running without the need to make any code modifications. After install, you'll be gathering performance data in no time. A powerful property of sampling is that it allows you to capture data from all code running your system, not just yours. System processes, third party code, it's all included.

Most profilers sample at 1KHz, which is not very useful if you're working on high-performance applications like games, which need to run at 30 or 60 FPS. In contrast, Superluminal has a high-frequency sampling engine that samples at 8 Khz (Windows) or 10 kHz (Xbox One). The high sampling frequency allows you to capture all the interesting work that's happening in your application.

Kernel level stacks
On Windows and Xbox One, Superluminal supports capturing kernel-level callstacks. This allows you to see exactly how the system calls you're making traverse through the kernel. You'll be amazed to see how a seemingly innocent system call will cause havoc, causing the kernel to page data in and out or locks system-wide mutexes. See exactly what happens at program startup and how DLLs are loaded and initialized.

Multithreading Analysis
Superluminal has first-class support for the analysis of modern, highly parallel applications. Understanding the complex interactions between threads in a program can be key in resolving performance issues. These complex interactions are visualized in an intuitive interactive interface that allows you to inspect blocking and unblocking call stacks and easily navigate between them.

Context Switches
It's easy to see, at a glance, what state a thread is in at any point in time - executing or waiting. The wait states are further colorized so you can visually distinguish between the different types of wait. This makes it easy to spot when your thread is waiting on a lock, when it has been preempted by the OS and many other different wait states.

Thread communication
While being able to see when a thread is in a wait state is very useful, what's even more powerful is being able to investigate how that thread gets out of its wait state. The timeline view visually displays this relationship between threads through the use of arrows. Each arrow indicates a place where the source thread wakes the target thread. Each arrow can be selected to view further details about that event. This feature shines when you're investigating issues where threads are fighting over a lock, or where you're interested in understanding how threads interact with each other.

Thread interaction
To allow you to dig even deeper in understanding the interaction between threads, the Thread Interaction window will show you the blocking and unblocking stack that belong to the arrow you selected. The blocking stack is the stack that caused the wait, while the unblocking stack is the stack that caused the wait to be unblocked. This allows you to go beyond which threads are fighting over a lock - now you can see the exact code that's causing the wait, as well as the code that causes the waiting thread to continue executing.

Superluminal is capable of isolating a specific portion of a capture. This is a powerful feature to investigate that one unexpected performance spike in your capture or to only view a certain section of the capture, like application startup code or that unexpected stall when a button was pressed. This filter is created by dragging a time selection in the timeline view. All views, like the callgraph, flat list, and source code view will use the filter. Like everything else in Superluminal, this has been built for scale - filtering happens in constant time.








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