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Strictly Business A Swoony Fe - Carrie Elks
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[Image: 443431ff37a5680cc1211b9566dc91a5.png]
epub | 412.7 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B49TQ4JJ | Author: Carrie Elks | Year: 2022


Quote:One office. Two enemies. And a secret he cannot find out.

You know that post-vacation glow? Where you're all sun-kissed and optimistic and determined to make changes in your life?

Well, mine lasted for about five minutes. Until I walked into the office and saw Myles Salinger sitting in my boss's chair.

One look at his scowling face was enough to make me want to fly straight back to Europe. And no, he's not getting any of the donuts I brought in for the team. He doesn't deserve them.

You see, on paper he's my contemporary. But in reality he's been my workplace nemesis for the last two years.

Lucky for us we're usually separated by five hundred miles.

But now he's here in my face, throwing his impressive weight around and driving everybody crazy with his demands.

Especially me.

Good thing he doesn't know the big decision I made while I was away.

That I'm going to try for a baby. Alone.

If he ever finds out he'll never let me hear the end of it.

So let's keep it between us. Okay?

Strictly Business is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance. Expect some hot scenes, a little cussing and two characters whose heads you'd love to bang together.

Category:Single Women Fiction, Holiday Romance, Small Town & Rural Fiction



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