Airtel Nigeria Which Has Been So Strict In Having Loopholes Have Finally Fallen

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Airtel Nigeria Which Has Been So Strict In Having Loopholes Have Finally Fallen
A irtel Nigeria which has been so strict in having loopholes have finally fallen victim this 2018. The Airtel unlimited free MB cheat code actually works and only a few are aware of it. When we get network tricks on networks like Airtel, we have to utilize it very well, so be smart on this
The free browsing cheat is not that hard, you just need to use another network sim card to execute this well. You will have to port your MTN sim to your airtel sim i.e change your current sim to another network.
I will list the requirements needed to get your own free GB on Airtel successfully. Below are what you need for the airtel MB cheat for 100 naira .
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A Registered MTN Sim (New or Old)
A valid ID Card (Voter's card, National id, Driver license)
A strong Airtel 3G Network
These are the basic need for the latest airtel cheat , so ones you have the above handy, it is time to follow my tutorial closely as seen below.
Take a walk to any of the nearest Airtel office or shop around you
Now tell any of the representative there you want to port your MTN Sim to Airtel
Now they will tell you to fill a form. Actually, they will put you through.
Follow whatever they told you to do for a successful porting.
They might tell you to wait for some hours, like 12 - 24 hours. Kindly have the patients.
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Now we have gotten to the main deal. Don't do otherwise here, follow my tutorial as of now and not what airtel told you to do.
➤Airtel will send you an SMS from (3232) on the MTN line you intend to port
➤ Now you will be directed to insert your newly ported sim .
➤ Now reboot your phone when you notice your MTN network has disappeared.
➤ Switch off your phone and replace your MTN line with the new Airtel line.
➤ Airtel will send you a confirmation message that your sim has been ported
➤ Now you will be directed to be recharging from your BANK or buy using Zoto Recharge Wallet.
This browsing cheat method works on
Android , IOS, Nokia touch light, or any other smartphone you can think off.
➤ Recharge N100 from any of the above payment method with N100
➤ Ones you have done that, you will receive a notification that you have been rewarded with 2GB
➤ Now dial *223# to check your MB
If you recharge your Airtel sim with N100 again, you will be given 4GB . i.e (N200 for 4GB.)
So in the same way, if you load N100 each on the Artel line 5 times , this equals 10GB for N500
So the more you accumulate, the more GB at your fingerprint.
So henceforth, you will receive your free data anytime you recharge your airtel sim using bank transfer or zoto. You should not use recharge card, please.
In review, all you have to do is follow airtel instruction for a successful port, and then load your sim with N100 from the bank and get 2GB each. I believe this is very easy to understand, share your testimonies below, don't be stingy
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