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8 (eight) Types Of Judicial Evidence You Should Know
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The law of evidence is an important part of the legal system of every state. As a lawyer, law student or legal scholar, it is pivotal to know the different types of judicial evidence. This is because, knowing the different classifications of evidence will help you to know whether or not, a particular evidence will be admissible in court. It will also help you to know the weight attached to any evidence brought before the court of law. For instance, a direct evidence apparently has more weight in the law of evidence than any evidence. The reason is because direct evidence is based on the personal knowledge of a person.

In light of the above, i will be discussing the various types of evidence that can be brought before the court of law. This is basically to educate lawyers all over the world on the types of judicial evidence and the circumstances on which they should be brought before the court.

Types of evidence

Below are the major types of judicial evidence:

Direct evidence

Circumstantial evidence

Hearsay Evidence

Primary and secondary evidence

Real evidence

Best Evidence

Documentary Evidence

Opinion evidence

Okay! there you have a list of the different types of judicial evidence that can be brought before the court. For a detailed explanation of these, i enjoin you to continue reading as I explain each of the type of evidence enumerated above.


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