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2018 World Sickle Cell Day
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How have you created awareness? Do you know your genotype? Are you still of the opinion that Warriors die young? Are you still ignorant about, what it actually means being a Warrior? Do you still consider Warriors as 'lazy' beings, who can't hold a job?

It's unfortunate that even in this day and time, many people don't know much about Sickle Cell disease. And because of this lack of knowledge, many have blindly gone into relationship and ended up making babies who eventually turn out to be Warriors.
The unfortunate thing is that, these babies who never asked to be born are sometimes neglected to Fate. Some of them become so despised, even by their so called parents that you begin to wonder if it was their fault that they are born Warriors.
It breaks my heart to hear that some so called 'fathers' even abandon the mother and Warrior child, because in his warped thinking the woman is the cause of their suckled cell baby.
Young girl, yes you reading this, do you know your genotype? Even if you do, are you sure that the result from that laboratory is the authentic one?
Handsome dude, are you really sure that your genotype is AA, or you just believe because your parents told you that all their children are AA?
How much do you know about genotype testing?
How vast is your knowledge about this thing called Genotype?
How careful can you be, so that you don’t end up fathering/mothering a Sickled cell baby?

How many of you 'healthy' ones still think that what Warriors know how to do best, is to die young? Thank God for improved health system and improved information technology. We now know that there are many warriors out there living their lives and fulfilling their destinies.
That misconception about dying young, no longer holds water. Because, when you live right and do what you are supposed to do healthwise, you will live a fulfilled life.

Many times those of us living with sickle cell disease, refer to ourselves as Warriors. What does this mean? A warrior is someone who is very active in battles and have won many battles, and most likely will still face many more battles and win or eventually be defeated.
The above is simply the life of a person living with Sickle cell disease. We fight our battles as often as you can imagine. Both seen and unseen. Physical as well as psychological. The life of a Warrior is most times dogged with battles and no matter how weak we are, we still fight on.
No matter how blunt the sword is, we still wield it with the hope of winning.
No matter how hopeless our efforts seem to be, we still put in our best.
We are Warriors and we have to fight and win or watch as we are defeated and added to statistics.
Fortunately for most of us, QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION.

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