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a warlock jack seduced billionair by brightside

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Seduced By A Warlock Billionair - Jack Brightside
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[Image: _df3a99f1b8cc43116a91d32d4849f49c.jpeg]
epub | 600.35 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B5264SPQ | Author: Jack Brightside | Year: 2022


Quote:A weekend with a billionaire warlock?

Warlock Sam Grainneson has been single for two hundred years. Human connection is overrated! Or, so he thought. He saves another warlock, Redford, after he accidentally traps himself in the form of a bird and gets caught in a snowstorm. They spend the weekend together waiting for the storm to pass, and it's the first time in centuries that Sam's had company over. He should be forgiven for falling head over heels for his attractive guest.
Redford's tired of dating guys from New York City: evil warlocks who brag about their black magic and human men from Wall Street who joke about how evil they are. He wants someone with a good heart who's not just interested in him for his money. (Being a billionaire is hard sometimes, okay?) Sam is a good warlock, and it doesn't hurt that he's got a great body from all that wholesome manual labor he does at his hardware store.

Redford's plan to win Sam over is simple. He invites him to his penthouse for a weekend in New York City, planning to pull out all the stops for a high-class seduction. That's where the problems start.

The last time Sam traveled outside Connecticut was in a carriage, and he's instantly overwhelmed by New York. Meanwhile, Redford realizes he has no idea how to be romantic. Usually, people are falling over themselves to win him over. Now he's the one trying to impress somebody. Chaos ensues as Sam and Redford attempt to seduce each other, their desire for one another matched only by their awkwardness.
This is a male/male billionaire paranormal romance novella (12k words). It's got a billionaire with no idea how to date, Sam's first time in two centuries (we love that for him), and playful teasing of New Yorkers. It is the prequel to the "Warlock Billionaire's Soulmate" and "The Warlock of Westland," books in which both Sam and Redford end up with other people.

Category:Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance



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