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salvador price paige

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Salvador - Paige Price
(29 )
[Image: b9838f9ce3dd266809bc10a74e117dd2.png]
epub | 467.35 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09NFFPZCF | Author: Paige Price | Year: 2022


Quote:From author Paige Price comes a mafia friends-to-lovers romance about a cartel bodyguard and the woman he protects . . .
Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.
Mine is tall, ripped, silent, and a strategist, not to mention deadly.
He's not the man I thought he was. No, Salvador Vargas is so much more.
The man chooses honor and loyalty over materialistic things or power at every turn.
During a barroom brawl, he comes to my aid without a hint of hesitation.
I should've thanked him, then went on about my day, my life.
Cindy Stevens hides behind a plastic façade, never showing the scars of her pain.
But in a moment of weakness, she lets down her guard, allowing me inside.
Beautifully Flawed
She's a pawn in her father's game of chess, one he seeks to control and dominate for power.
The more she pulls away from him, the tighter the top-notch attorney tightens the noose.
She yearns for freedom, to break free of his paternal hold and escape her gilded cage.
The girl beneath the plastic mask holds my heart.
One look.
One secret touch.
One blissfully hot kiss.
And we're both falling and fast.
In my world, she is the forbidden fruit-a fruit I desperately yearn to devour.
It's wrong to claim her as mine, but it doesn't matter because the girl, she's mine!

Category:Saga Fiction, Multicultural & Interracial Romance, Multicultural Romances



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