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an laine vess worl heroes everyday remedy

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Remedy An Everyday Heroes Worl - Laine Vess
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[Image: dbc99f6cd8bcb618ddea3f8ab4d578f5.png]
epub | 155.82 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B6D61PGX | Author: Laine Vess, Mandy Rosko, KB Worlds | Year: 2022


Quote:Dr. Thorn Pressly has never fallen for a patient before. In fact, he doesn't even date. His divorce twenty-five years ago was hard enough, and raising his kids on a weekend-only agreement left no time for dating-not when his cardiology patients had lives that depended on him.

Janell Haring has been living with a heart condition for the past decade. What's kept her going is her twin boys and her ever-present doctor, even if she's always had a crush on the sexy silver fox.

But somehow, over the time they've known each other, Thorn and Janell have developed something beyond their doctor-patient relationship. Neither will admit it. Neither dare to act on it.

Until Janell needs a hero who can do more than operate on her heart.

This book is an unrequited love, later in life, older hero, older heroine, single mother, doctor medical contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg's Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Category:Contemporary Romance Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance



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