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legal should origin filling of be state forms scrapped when religion

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Religion/state Of Origin Should Be Scrapped When Filling Legal Forms
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The two major causes of division in Nigeria and Africa in general is our nepotistic attention to state of origin/tribe/religion especially when filling legal forms. To me, I feel this is totally unnecessary as it further worsens the unity of the already divided country.

So, I went to fix a tooth at a general hospital one day and on the form, I saw religion and state of origin and I was wondering how relevant that information was related to the application request.

I know some people will want to dissociate themselves from North. But I ask, is there any unity within the entire south? Does an Igbo man see a yoruba man as his brother? How often does a moslem marry a Christian? Most times when this even happens, there are usually lots of kickbacks from friends and family members resulting to disbandment, dissociation or banishment.

Even between the two religions, there are various internal divisions that abound. Does a Jehovah's witness see Pentecostal as worshippers of same God? How does the Pentecostal view an orthodox person? Does a Sunni, Shite or Izallah(Not sure I got the spelling right) share same view? Are they void of discriminations among them? How can we move forward as a people devoid of religious or tribal sentiments? Even animals co exist. Why can't humans do? Why should we be racist to ourselves even considering we're all blacks and everyday we shout black lives matter when it doesn't even matter to us blacks.

For one Nigeria to be achieved, these two questions should be scrapped when filling any legal document. Instead of these, State of residence should rather be alternated for these two questions especially if the person has stayed in that location for up to five years/above. Let's say we even go on our separate ways in the future, are we saying a yoruba person won't be able to enter an igbo or hausa country because we don't share similar views?Enough of these intentional hatred and bias across the two religions and across the various heterogeneous ethnic divisions in the country. Even if the government and religious bodies intentionally created these sorts of division for political reasons, isn't it time we outsmarted them? In the past, we used to see a Fulani and co existed peacefully together. What went wrong?

Let's even agree the government is responsible, why do we now allow ourselves be used as instruments of destruction, prejudice, hatred and maiming? 2023 is around the corner. They will pretend they love us. Let's use our sense. Let's not be blinded by hatred for one another into perpetually doing the wrong things. If you feel a candidate is very qualified, vote him/her irrespective of where the person comes from or his/her religion because if you vote based on religious or tribal sentiments, your God or ethnicity will not make you suffer less than others when the evil person is on the throne by your doing or undoing.

My opinion.


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