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a russian crown ambrose mafi jocelyn reclaimed

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Reclaimed Crown A Russian Mafi - Jocelyn Ambrose
(64 )
[Image: b05e28e5be62fe906ee4a65c928da2a9.png]
epub | 682.9 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B2KY4R26 | Author: Jocelyn Ambrose | Year: 2022


Quote:Viktor Mikhailov is the fugitive Bratva prince no one expected to see again.
The night he returned, there was only one thing Viktor craved.
Viktor saved my life, and a moment later I was thrust into his world.
He took me in that stairwell, the way no other man has before.
Then he left without a word.

Viktor isn't the only one with a dark past. I have my own secrets.
Secrets he can't ever know.
I ran away that night with the foolish hope I'd escaped Viktor's wrath.

But there is no escape.

Viktor declared me as his.
His possession.
His obsession.

He'll discover my treachery. It's only a matter of time.

And when he does find out,
The cruel monster who vowed to destroy anyone who crossed him will have a new enemy.


RECLAIMED CROWN is a standalone book set in the BRATVA KINGS world. Please be aware: this is a dark romance with subject matter that could be triggering to some. Reader discretion is advised.

Category:Organized Crime, Organized Crime Thrillers, Romantic Suspense



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