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mecha a slowbur ember hollis rebirth mates

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Rebirth Mecha Mates (a Slowbur - Ember Hollis
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[Image: _32f70dcd92792158e3c9ab90668ed261.jpeg]
epub | 315.58 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09QFMX6VV | Author: Ember Hollis | Year: 2022


Quote:I made Ryker, Ansel, and Xavier swear to leave me alone to begin my shiny new life. But what I hadn't counted on was Hades getting in the way. and Caspian smirking in the shadows as he finds countless ways to ruin my life.

Seriously! What's a girl got to do to get some peace and quiet? Because apparently getting frozen to a popsicle (twice!) isn't enough.

No sooner have I awakened when I'm dragged by the powers that be into a team with Ryker, Ansel, and Xavier. Apparently yours truly has done something that's broken the Alliance's dream team apart, and the big mecha himself insists I put them back together again.

It feels like a trap, but nothing stumps me for long. I can keep this charade up for as long as it takes to get away.
The only problem is. my secrets might not be so secret anymore. And when a scientist gets too curious about me, I have no one to rely on but Hades and his boys. Oh. And Caspian, as he insists on reminding me.

I still don't trust them with who I am, but I'm out of choices and out of time. And the biggest problem of all? Even if we work together, there's a chance we might not all survive.

Category:Time Travel Romance, Time Travel Romances, Science Fiction Romance



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