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amp h heron real stories ghost by e

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Real Ghost Stories By E & H Heron
(43 )
[Image: _b12fc4a207355fe0c041641da231e997.jpeg]
pdf | 11.02 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B076YLNVRQ | Author: Zachery Knowles | Year: 2017


Quote:"Police! Who goes there?" the cry goes out as a shaking torchlight illuminates a ghostly figure. The figure hangs for a moment then disappears and the officer is changed forever. Suddenly, a world that made sense has been turned upside down and the terrified family who first called the police remains uncomforted.

This family is not alone though, for all over the world, police officers come in contact with the strange and the paranormal. If it were anyone else, we would dismiss these tales as falsehoods by most. But the people in these stories are not unreliable witnesses or fanciful con artists; they are the men and women who serve our communities when terrifying forces seek to harm us. Our patrollers are trained to observe, to remember details, and to never assume things are as they seem; the officers involved in these stories have never been able to find rational explanations for their experiences.

These accounts come from officers across the globe, from devout Catholics to staunch Atheists and everyone in between who could not have imagined what they would come across when they took their calls, and many of them wish they could forget their experiences after they did.

Delve into these eighteen stories and discover that even those charged with protecting us witness things they were never equipped to deal with. If you are a non-believer, withhold your judgment until you have read the chillingly convincing evidence for yourself. If you already believe, you will know the fear these officers faced. When your job is to confront the evils that people can do to each other, to protect those who are unable to against harm, it is inevitable you will one day find something that you cannot protect.

After all, as Nietzsche once said, "And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

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Category:Occult Satanism, Demonology & Satanism, Two-Hour Religion & Spirituality Short Reads



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