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upper in rain bamton days rainy beth

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Rainy Days In Upper Bamton - Beth Rain
(22 )
[Image: _d72474451835f0e93c4754c673bfc72c.jpeg]
epub | 338.24 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B34MDYB3 | Author: Beth Rain | Year: 2022


Quote:Patricia Woodley is having one of those days. weeks. okay, okay. months.

Her beloved old bicycle has given up the ghost.
She really doesn't like the idiot contraption she bought as a replacement.
And to top it all off, the ceiling of her spare room has sprung a leak and ruined weeks of hard work.

Patricia's not one to easily loose her temper, but with the most important deadline of her career fast approaching - she's back to square one and her stress levels are at an all-time high.

She's due to present her new knitwear collection to buyers in London, but all she's got right now is a room full of wet wool, and pile of precious patterns that have turned into papier-mâché.

Patricia is at her wits end and more than ready for a good rant!

Desperately searching for the right gear as she wobbles her way along the rain-soaked, riverside path towards her cottage, Patricia spots a random bloke lurking on her private land. Bingo - the perfect target!

As she reaches for the bell to get his attention, the bike starts to skid and suddenly she's sliding straight towards the deep, swirling waters of the river Bamton.

As the rain continues to fall and the river threatens to burst its banks, will a pair of strong arms wearing a beautifully knitted jumper manage to put Patricia back on track? Or is she simply in for a dangerous dunking?

The perfect summer story for those cosy, rainy days. For fans of Holly Martin, Polly Babbington and Heidi Swain.

Rainy Days in Upper Bamton is the second standalone novella in the Upper Bamton series.

Category:Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance



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