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in 19 practical the covid survival pandemic naija admist strategies

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Practical Survival Strategies In Naija Admist The Covid-19 Pandemic
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Practical Survival Strategies In Naija Admist The COVID-19 PANDEMIC

In my state, there is a complete lock-down and a 24hours curfew to reinforce this. As I walked by the street of a once busy area, I see men and women, both young and old sitting down with arms on their cheek with deep sadness etched on their face and a tranquil of uncertainty filled the emptiness. I began to imagine what was running through their mind. The thoughts of their sources of livelihood, snapped off their grips. The hustle has been brought to an abrupt unprecedented end. They were at the mercy of time and chance and from the look of things, neither time nor chance was carving things in their favour.

I just could not help but wonder whether the hunger that would in no time sweep through my country, would not be a faster cause of death than the pandemic COVID. Indeed, soon, and by soon, I mean very soon, there would come a time when you would knock on a neighbors’ door to borrow some salt, only to discover that they have all passed away and left behind a stench worse than that from a corpse from the COVID.


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