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poetry unit

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Poetry Unit
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Write Here1. You will be writing and reading lots of different types of poems. Your
overall grade will depend on the number of poems you write, the
illustrations, and on their quality. See the grading chart to determine the
number of poems you must write to earn points.
2. Final copies of poems should be word processed on the computer or
handwritten in your neatest writing. If you hand-write your poems, pencil
is preferred since spelling is expected to be perfect on the final copies.
3. Write one poem per sheet of paper. Include the name of the type of
poem at the top of each page. Do not use the back of the paper.
4. Each poem must include a colored illustration. Illustrations may be hand
drawn or printed from a computer clip art program.
5. You will create your own poetry book cover. You may hand draw this or
create it using the computer. Include a title for your poetry collection,
your name, 4th grade, and the year. There must be an illustration or clip
art added to the cover.
6. When you finish your poetry book and it is bound together, you will be
asked to share it with several people. Each of these people will write a
few comments about your poems and then sign the critiques page.
7. You will also be asked to write a self-reflection “feelings” paragraph on
the critiques page. Include items such as: Did you have fun writing the
poems? Which poems were your favorites? Did your mind change from
the beginning of the unit to the end? Any other comments or feelings
you have about poetry.
8. The most important part of this project is to have fun with poetry and be
Mr. Allen


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