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Owodaily Review And Registration: How To Make 5k Per Week Online From Home.
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Let me ask you a question,

Are you making money or just spending money with your smartphone?

If all you have been doing is just spend money with your smartphone, this will be the most important article you are going to read online because i will reveal to you the easiest and the least time consumming way to make money with your smartphone online in Nigeria.

It's a legit way that doesn't involve betting and you have no fear of getting scammed or lose your investement.

But before i go on to reveal the details to you, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Dayo and i'm a blogger, affiliate marketer and copywritter.

Some few years ago, i made close to 700k on a program that takes just 1600 Naira to join, also i've made money on so many other proagram personally i've referred more than 2000 people to a particular online program and makes money from different affiliate program.

Why i enjoy alot of success from referral programs is because i only promote programs that i've personally tried and has worked for me.

I don't just promote scammy programs. If you are joining any of the program i promote, you have 100% money back guarantee because when you follow the laid out steps you will make money.

Back in 2018, while i was on leave, i stumbled on a program where you get paid to post on instagram, facebook, twitter etc. The program was being run by a social media marketing company and they look very promising.

I joined the program with 5k that time, then i wrote and article about it and post on my blog, made a video about and post on my youtube channel, then post on all my social media handles.

But it did not just make an instant hit, it took just about 48 hours before i got the first referral and the tasks were not really paying well.

Since i'm a marketer, i'm not just out to be doin social media tasks, after all you are doing social media tasks to make money, i decided i was not going to be doing the tasks but focus only on the affiliate program.

That i've been doing since 2018 and the good thing is the program pays more close to 20k now after 3 years without doing anything. I don't even promote the program again but it still keep on paying.

How did that happen, the first year, i was promoting the program like a mad man, posting everywhere on the internet and that effort is still paying till now.

The only problem with that program now is it pays only after 40days.

I know most of you here don't have the patience of waiting for 40days to get paid. And that has led me to the discovery of another program called owodaily.

What owodaily?
It's a digital job website where you get paid to be social media tasks that takes 1-2 minutes to complete and you get paid.

How does owodaily works.

Each member register and activate account with the payment of 3,000 Naira. The you will have access to social media jobs you can do to make money.

All you have to do is login daily, perform the tasks, submit them and once the advertisers check the proof and satisfied will approve the job and you get paid. No one is cheated.

Benefits of joining the owodaily Digital job platform

- You will be able to make money by doing simple taks that doesn't require you to have specialized skills.

- You will be able to make money online fast by being an affiliate and get paid 1,600 naira per referral.

- You will be able to earn passive income by getting paid 200 naira per each indirect referral.

- You will be able to earn additional income as a brand ambassador by being the owodaily coupon code dealer in your area and earn 2% commission on each coupon code sale.

- You will be able to make some cool cash as a social media influncer by helping small businesses to grow their account organically or helping them drive traffic to their website and charge them a fee for that

- You will be able to making money without doing anything by getting paid login bonuses daily

- You will be able to make money as a freelance writer by writing articles and getting paid upto 2000 Naira per approved article.

- You will be able to interrract with other freelancers and ask questions on the owodaily community called village on the platform

- You will be able to turn every friday into a payday because owodaily pays every fridays.

- You will be able to acquire digital marketing skills that you can use to establish a proper online business of your own

- You will be able to earn legit income from home with out getting scammed or involve yourslef in anything betting or high risk investment that might lead to loss of capital.

- You will be able to earn income with very little capital and musltiply your capital 10x through the affiliate program.

How to join owodaily.

The registration is very easy and straight to the point,

click on the link below, fill the form and pay the platform activation fee. Then login and start earning.

owodaily testimonial.

I earned the minimum withdrawal fee on the owodaily platform and made a withdrawal request on the 8th of November, they paid directly to my bank account on 12th November which is friday.

So i have confrimed this is a paying program and will be udating you on new development on the program once i have new information. But for now, owodaily is legit not scam but you need to devote time to either do the taks or digital jobs and get paid or you spend time to get referrals or you do a combination of both.

In conclusion, if you have the 3000 Naira to join the platform, you should give it a trial and spend like 1-2 hours daily to see how much you can make from the platform, if everything go on smoothly you could make upto 25k per month from the platform.

For the benefit of those who don't know how to refer, the easiest way is for you to pay social media influencer on instagram or twitter is help you send your ads to their audience. Also you can make use of Whatsapp Tvs That is the eaisest way to get instant results and if the audience of the influencer you are suing are very targetted, you will get lor of referrals and make big money.

Once you regisster, send me a Dm on whatsapp 08095047992 to get other bonuses that will turn you into a referral cash machine and make over 25k week with your smart phone.


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