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One Big Dare A Fake Relationsh - J P Comeau
(22 )
[Image: _107b0d09f3610ff50abecfdd4caeaa0f.jpeg]
epub | 504.78 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B6XRPZ76 | Author: J.P. Comeau | Year: 2022


Quote:I'm a busy executive, waiting to become CEO someday.
So, I have zero patience with grumpy gadzillionaires.
Until my BFF begs me to join one on a project.
And I make an exception.

Don't get me wrong, Ryder is hot as hell.

Muscles for days.
Perfect smile.
Swoon worthy.

At our first meeting the bickering commenced,
When he accused me of being high maintenance.
Wow, that was rich coming from a man.
Whose wardrobe consisted of a leather jacket and helmet .

Then my whole world tilted on its axis.

Daddy announced his successor needed to be married.
And in desperation, I tossed an idea at Mr. Grump.
Almost daring him to pose as my fake fiancé.
Ryder agreed. no strings attached!
Had I made a slight misjudgment of him?

Our performance as love birds was Oscar material.
Everyone believed our act - especially, Daddy.
Even when a mysterious psycho reappeared, attacking me.
Ryder was my protector, risking his life in my rescue.
Now, we are begging the question.
Is our fake arrangement only and act?
Or is our act becoming a reality?

Can Ryder and I put aside our brokenness,
And find the happily ever after we both secretly desire?

Category:Billionaire Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense



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